The iFixit team was able to crack open the Kindle Fire with just a plastic opening tool and an opening pick.

While they may not be the most practical cameras, tablets have proven to be a useful tool for photographers. Whether its being used as a remote viewfinder or instant feedback screen, a high-definition tablet can give photographers the clarity needed to create great compositions. Amazon's 2013 Kindle Fire HD is not exactly their top of the line tablet. In fact, its specs look an awful lot like last year's model, but promotional material promises a "stunning HD display, faster performance, longer battery life, and lighter design."

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While PR babble is nice and all, it's what's inside that counts. The folks over at iFixit opened up the 7-inch 2013 Kindle Fire HD to take a good look at its components and see how hard it is to open and repair. Outside, the 2013 Kindle Fire HD looked an awful lot like last year's model, but on the inside, iFixit found a faster 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and had an overall easy time dismantling the device—earning it an 8/10 repairability score.

The 2013 Kindle Fire HD's battery is held in with a bit of adhesive, but it's not impossible to remove.
The motherboard can be removed with a few twists of a screwdriver.
The 2013 Kindle Fire HD earned an 8/10 repairability score—the same as the 2012 model.

Amongst iFixit's findings:

  • Simplistic, modular design means the few components that might fail can be easily, inexpensively replaced.
  • All the fasteners found inside are Torx T5 screws—one non-proprietary screwdriver is all you need.
  • The LCD is not fused to the display and can be easily removed.
  • The rear case is a little difficult to open, but it should be easy with directions.
  • A decent amount of adhesive is used on the battery, meaning some prying and gentle working is required for disassembly.
  • The glass panel is glued to the front plastic frame, so a heat gun will be required for replacing cracked glass (or you have to replace both components together). 

Check out iFixit's full tear down of the 7-inch 2013 Kindle Fire HD here.