Some time ago we reported on the Lumu accessory which aims to turn your smartphone into a light meter. The device worked quite well in our brief test but had a couple of limitations: it only works with Apple smartphones as support for Android had been dropped, and it cannot not be used as a flash meter. 

The LxMeter from Italian manufacturer Optivelox is a very similar device to the Lumu but provides flash meter functionality and is capable of working with Android devices via a dedicated app. According to the manufacturer, the hardware is compatible with Apple iPhones but no corresponding app has been released yet. 

The LxMeter can trigger a flash via Bluetooth and compatible receivers. Thanks to its ability to capture very short light impulses, it can also measure flash output. Flash duration comes into the equation with the help of a database that includes flash time values for many known flash models. If your model is not included you can add its information manually. 

The LxMeter is currently available in two versions starting from 59 Euros (approximately $65) for the standard version. The "P" version comes with a rugged case and a light shield that allows for better light readings from flat surfaces such as manuscripts or paintings. The LxMeter website still looks a little rudimentary but provides more information on smartphone compatibility and ordering instructions. The device can be seen in action in the video below.