Thanks to Albrecht Neff from Germany for sending in information on this useful utility.

For those people out there who are still using serial connection to their PC for downloading images, most of your digicams will do 230Kbp/s (for compatibility with Mac serial ports).

Unknown to most PC owners is that the serial controller on most modern motherboards can actually do this speed and that the 115Kbp/s limit is one imposed by the chipset.

A little utility on this site:

Allows you to push the serial rate up to more than 115Kbp/s, note it ONLY WORKS for CERTAIN chipsets, however it will warn you if it doesn't recognise your I/O chipset.

There are drivers for Win95/Win98,Windows NT, Linux and FreeBSD.

(My advice would always be, if you can afford it, get a CF/SmartCard reader for your PC).