Canon and Nikon have both announced updated firmware, so we thought we'd bring you an update of updates that have been issued in 2008, just in case you missed them. Canon has issued new firmware for the 40D, following an earlier release for the 30D. Nikon's D40 also gets a tweak, following updates for the D300 and D80 earlier in the year.

Canon's 40D update (to version 1.0.8), fixes the following issues:

1.Fixes a phenomenon in which Image Stabilization operation emits a sound when certain buttons are pressed, with the EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS lens attached to the camera.
2.Fixes a phenomenon in which the Image Stabilization operation emits a sound from the lens when IS lenses are attached to the camera.
3.Fixes a phenomenon in which a part of the image looks unnatural when reviewed on the LCD.
4.Corrects errors in the Spanish and Norwegian menu screens.

You can download the file here

Nikon's D40 update (to version 1.11), address the following issues:

Shooting times were not always accurately recorded within the image data for images captured in bursts of continuous shooting.

You can download the file here

Other 2008 updates include revised firmware for:

D300 (to version 1.02)
D80 (to version 1.10)

30D (to version 1.0.6)
5D (to version 1.1.1)

E510 (to version 1.3)
E3 (to version 1.1)

SD14 (to version 1.07)

DMC-L10 (to version 1.2)