DPreview's professional equipment affiliate Imaging Spectrum Incorporated are now taking orders for Kodak's new six megapixel, Nikon F5 based professional digital SLR. Although we've not had an official announcement of price yet from Kodak, Imaging Spectrum are taking orders at this unbelievably low price of $6,995. Expected to ship at the end of April / early May. Link inside...

Click here to order the Kodak DCS 760 from Imaging Spectrum Inc.
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Kodak DCS 760 specifications

Based on Nikon F5 body (just like the DCS 620, DCS 620x & DCS 660)
Sensor Kodak Indium Tin Oxide 6 megapixel CCD (3,052 x 2,016 total)
Image size 3,032 x 2,008 (18 MB)
Image format Kodak RAW (TIFF), JPEG (?? - not confirmed)
Bit depth 12 bits per colour (36 bits per pixel)
ISO sensitivity 80 to 400, can be pushed 2 extra stops
Burst rate 1.5 fps, 3 to 24 images buffered before PC Card write
Storage Dual PC Card slots, Type II, III
Filter Included IR filter, optional Anti-Alias
Focal length multiplier 1.3x (thus a 35 mm lens becomes equiv. to 45.5 mm on the DCS 760)
LCD New higher resolution, ultra-bright LCD
LCD features Instant review, Focus check, Histogram, Spot densitometer
Battery Removable NiMH
Other features Built in microphone for voice annotation
Operating system New, based on the GUI interface found on the DCS Pro Back
Connectivity IEEE 1394 (Firewire), Video Out
Software Kodak DCS Photo Desk and DCS Camera Manager
Dimensions 194 x 158 x 88 mm (7.6 x 6.2 x 3.4 in)
Weight (inc. batt, no lens) 1.86 kg (4.1 lbs)
System req. PC: Windows 2000, 98 SE, Me, NT 4
Mac: OS 9.04 or better