Capable but entry-level
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Capable but entry-level

The a6100's screen is touch-sensitive and flips all the way up, neither of which was true of the a6000

Unlike the a6000 and in common with the other new a6x00 cameras, it's got a touchscreen that flips up by 180 degrees, for vlogging or selfie shooting and a mic socket.

The a6100 doesn't have the full capabilities of its more expensive siblings, though. It can't shoot Log video, and loses some subtle features such as the ability to let you specify the shutter speed at which Auto ISO mode changes ISO and to let you set up different AF points and modes for portrait- and landscape-orientation shooting.

Also, while you can customize the camera's 'Fn' menu, you can't define separate versions for stills and video shooting: something the a6400 and a6600 let you do. It's really useful if you switch back and forth between the two types of shooting.

These are small changes but they add up. For example, we regularly assign a button to access 'Auto ISO Min Shutter Speed' so that we can change the camera between 1/focal length and something faster, depending on whether we're more concerns about camera shake or subject movement.