Real-time Tracking AF
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Real-time Tracking AF

Even the entry-level a6100 has an AF system that confidently maintains focus on your chosen subject (particularly human subjects), whatever's going on in front of it

The biggest change in the refreshed Sony lineup is 'Real-time Tracking', an autofocus system that's been trained to recognize people and pets so that it tracks them doggedly (or, by logical extension, 'cattedly'). It's present in the a6100, a6400 and a6600.

Oddly, Real-time Tracking isn't switched on by default (or ever referred to as such on the cameras). But, once the cameras have been switched across to AF-C mode and one of the 'tracking' AF area modes has been chosen, the system is really impressive. Point the camera at your subject, half press the shutter and it'll dependably follow it, wherever it moves in the scene. This makes it one of the simplest and most effective AF systems we've ever used.

'Real-time Tracking' is present in the a6100, a6400 and a6600

We don't say this lightly (and we're not easily impressed) but, having experienced it, we think it helps the latest models stand out, even though some other aspects of their spec aren't particularly exciting.

However, while the system is really impressive in the daytime, we found it's less effective in low light. We'll be testing this in more detail as part of our a6600 and a6100 reviews, so don't take this as an unalloyed recommendation until we've completed that testing.