Scientifantastic - The Time-lapse and Landscape Work of Joe Capra
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Scientifantastic - The Time-lapse and Landscape Work of Joe Capra

Time-lapse videos have seen a resurgence in popularity lately and it is largely thanks to the capabilities of modern digital cameras. Combining the motion aspects of cinema with the high resolution capabilities of large imaging sensors, most current camera systems can easily meet the video resolution for HD videos and 4K, but as Los Angeles based photographer Joe Capra has just proven with a 10K time-lapse demo he created using the PhaseOne IQ180 medium format system, the limitations do not stop there.

First inspired by a nature video from time-lapse filmmaker Tom Lowe, Capra (pictured above in Greenland) had already been putting in the long hours it takes to capture landscapes at their most vibrant when he decided to piece together a homemade motion control system to assist him in supplemental footage that he could create at the same time.

As part of a burgeoning scene of time-lapse photographers and filmmakers, he was soon helping to create videos like ‘Mission 26 - The Big Endeavour’, a time-lapse of the retired Space Shuttle Endeavour as it was led through the streets of LA to the California Science Center. In general, however, he prefers to work alone, as he will find himself spending several weeks to gather a variety of shots from difficult to access locations in extremely inclement weather to put together a film that often lasts only a few minutes. His first trips were self-funded and he spent several of those nights sleeping in his car, but with the viral success of videos like ‘Midnight Sun - Iceland’ (above) and ‘Two Lands - Greenland - Iceland - 4K’, he now finds himself being flown by commercial clients to create time-lapses in some of the most exotic locations around the world.

Read more about Capra’s advice for time-lapse enthusiasts in our Q+A and slideshow. See his photography at his website Scientifantastic and you can find more of his videos at his Vimeo page.