The Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner uses a smartphone to scan 35mm film.

How can you one-up your lomography-filter-loving smartphone photographer friends? By using real film, of course. 

The Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner lets smartphones of nearly all shapes and sizes capture clear photos of 35mm film. With your phone fit to the top of the device, you'll line up the camera to a viewfinder so it can snap photos of the back-illuminated film. The battery-powered device pairs with a free iOS or Android app that will automatically invert the film — allowing you to adjust the color and exposure before you capture the image. (Though an official Windows Phone 8 app is not currently available, an app like Photo Hub might be able to do the trick.)

Available through Photojojo for $59, the scanner works with color negatives or black & white film. It claims to handle slide film as well, though it doesn't look like it could easily accomodate the matted square slides of old as the device appears to work by advancing 35mm size film through the bottom. Individually scanned images can be combined to create panoramas or movies. The quality of the scanned images is limited to that of the smartphone sensor used to capture the photos.

Check out the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner in action: