Fourandsix Technologies, Inc. has launched (pronounced 'is it true') a new, free service and companion iPhone app that can determine whether or not an image has been processed. After uploading a JPEG file to the site, izitru runs six image analysis tests that can differentiate whether or not the image has been altered since it was captured with a digital camera. Izitru then assigns the image a 'trust' rating.  

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In a quick test, I uploaded an image that had been resized but was otherwise untouched. It received a yellow warning indicating 'potential file modification' and a note that 'our forensic tests suggests this file has been re-saved since initial capture'. 

While you may not be able to learn exactly how an image has been altered, it seems izitru does a good job when presented with an untouched file. For example, I uploaded a second file, which had not been altered or re-saved, and it received a 'high trust' rating.

It will be interesting to see how it ranks other images according to the amount of post-processing. If enough people disagree with the results and click the 'challenge' button, izitru will re-evaluate the image using more advanced testing and, if appropriate, the trust rating will be updated. 

Izitru says its image tests examine how different cameras store files and looks at the artifacts that are introduced when images are saved multiple times.  

Each uploaded image is stored online and given a unique URL, which can be kept private or shared from within the service or app to various social media sites and via email. Images are kept online for those who want to refer others to the test results but will be deleted if no views have been recorded for six months. Images can be deleted manually immediately after the test or, if you signed in with Facebook, Google or Twitter, deleted from your account at a later time. 

Fourandsix Technologies will also make an API available for businesses and third-party websites such as insurance companies and social media sites to bypass the site and send images directly to the server for analysis. This service, however, is fee-based.

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