Much to my displeasure Imaging-Resource have posted a review of the Kodak DC280 a full two days before my NDA allows me to release my complete review, I've had a DC280 since early July on an extended loan and review and am only allowed to publish that review after the 14th.. Looks like a communication problem between Kodak Singapore and Kodak US.

Note, Kodak US have today announced the DC280, I'm still tied by my NDA.

Read Imaging-Resource's review of the Kodak DC280

As ever Imaging-Resource have put together a top notch review, they conclude: "As noted at the outset, the DC280 is Kodak's important first product in the 2 megapixel category. Fortunately for Kodak, this first step looks like a good one, with the DC280 delivering good resolution, and some of the best color we've seen yet (August, 1999) from an under-$1000 digicam. The sharp, distortion-free lens and fast 4-second shot-to-shot responsiveness combine with a solid user interface design to deliver a very satisfying picture-taking experience."