Just read this interesting post on our Nikon Talk forum by Jefferson W.:

I bought one of the original Millennium editions back in November from the Nikon Website. I've been happy with it, although I've seen lately that other people have been able to get it cheaper through third parties. grumble grumble...

Well, yesterday I get home, and in the mail is an envelope from Nikon. (always a nice surprise) They sent a nice letter explaining how they couldn't sell all of the 'millennium' editions in this manner and for whatever reasons it will be availbable at other retail locations. They said that the original charitable donation will be made, and that the fair marketable value of the camera alone should be around $1300.00. They sent me a check to refund the difference! Wow! What a surprise!

I've bought many Nikon products over the years, and this reaffirms my warm and fuzzy feeling about them.

Thanks Nikon!