Chris Burkard is one of the most prolific, successful, and recognizable adventure travel photographers in the world. But before the TED talk and the crazy adventures to remote parts of the world, Burkard was a working surf photographer who was bored and unfulfilled despite having achieved success with his art.

In the short film above by Vincent Urban Film, Burkard tells his story of self-discovery; he tells the story of visiting the Lofoten Islands and finding, not just a beautiful landscape, but his calling and passion in life.

Our friend and Resource Travel editor Michael Bonocore actually got to visit the Lofoten Islands with Chris three years ago, when he was working for SmugMug on an inspirational film about Burkard's work. Michael got to see Chris in his element, and meet the man he now describes as a "humble bad ass"—at once one of the most talented and successful photographers in the world, and the guy who rarely if ever talks about himself or his own work.

Check out a selection of photos Bonocore took on that trip below, and if you like what you see, check out this article on Resource Travel to learn more about this experience and see even more candid photos of Chris in action.