With just over a week until PIX 2015, we're taking the opportunity to introduce you to some of our talented re:FRAME speakers. You can catch them October 6 & 7 live streamed right here, or join us in person at Seattle Center! Just pick up an all-access pass to gain entry to re:FRAME talks at McCaw Hall.

Colby Brown is a seasoned travel photographer who's been just about everywhere. From ice caves in South Iceland to the Narrows in Zion National Park, he's gone to the ends of the earth and back for a great shot (and paid the price in sweat and blood too).

From early in his career, Colby has focused efforts not just in his own photography, but in giving back - volunteering his time and talents to charitable causes, as well as educating beginning photographers. These principles are at the core of The Giving Lens, an organization he founded. The Giving Lens organizes photography workshop trips to developing nations in which photographers volunteer with local non-profits, as well as receive instruction from a professional photographer.

Take a look at Colby Brown's full portfolio, and keep up with him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can catch him at PIX on Wednesday, October 7 at 4:50pm PT.