PMA 2005: Lexar Media has today announced that it is expanding its line up of Professional cards to include Memory Stick PRO, speed rated at 80X and and SD, speed rated at 60X. The speed of the Professional Memory Stick PRO is the equivalents to a minimum sustained read and write speeds of 12MB per second. It will ship later this month in capacities of 512MB and 1GB.

Press Release:

Lexar Expands Award-Winning Professional Series Flash Memory Cards and Accessories

Line-Up Now Features Speed-Rated SD Card and Memory Stick PRO in Newly Designed Packaging

ORLANDO, FL, February 20, 2005 (PMA booth #4132)Lexar Media, Inc. (Nasdaq: LEXR), a world leader in advanced digital media technologies, today announced the expansion of the company’s Professional Series of flash memory cards and accessories by adding Professional Memory Stick PRO™, speed rated at 80X, and Professional Secure Digital™ (SD), speed rated at 60X, to its award-winning professional line of products. In addition, the company also announced that the complete line of Professional Series flash memory cards and accessories is now available in newly designed, eye-catching packaging designed to drive customer attention at retail sales locations.

“We’re expanding our Professional Series of products and improving the product packaging to
meet the needs of the rapidly evolving professional photography category,” said Jim Gustke,
general manager, marketing, Lexar. “A full-suite of easily identifiable cards and accessories
benefits both our retail partners and our photography customers. The expansion of the product
line–to include Professional SD and Professional Memory Stick PRO and feature-specific
CompactFlash™ –is the most recent step by Lexar to deliver the highest performing and most
reliable media solutions to professional audiences worldwide,” he added.

Lexar’s Professional Series products will be available in redesigned product packaging,
including new flash memory card boxes and card labels. The new packaging has an appealing,
highly visual look and feel consistent with Lexar’s new corporate identity, and will stand out in
retail environments.

“We’ve seen a slight shift in the buying habits of high-end digital imaging customers,” said Chris
Chute, senior analyst within IDC’s imaging group. “While CompactFlash still holds a memory
card leadership position in the professional-level photography segment, many popular high-end
digital cameras now accept SD and Memory Stick PRO. Lexar is maintaining alignment with
the market by further strengthening its professional-level product line by offering additional
popular memory card formats,” he added.

Lexar’s Professional Series of products include a wide variety of flash memory cards and
capacities, including the award-winning 80X speed-rated CompactFlash, Active Memory™
CompactFlash and LockTight™ CompactFlash, with capacities including 512MB, 1GB, 2GB
and 4GB. In addition, the professional-level line-up includes Lexar’s 8GB CompactFlash,
speed-rated at 40X, and Professional Secure Digital, speed-rated at 60X and shipping in
capacities of 1GB. Lexar defines “X” within its speed-rating system as equivalent to a minimum
write speed capability of 150 kilobytes per second.

Image Rescue™ software from Lexar and a trial version of Photo Mechanic™ from Camera
Bits, the popular image browsing software currently exclusively distributed at retail by Lexar,
will also ship in the newly designed packaging. Currently, Lexar distributes Photo Mechanic
version 4.3 of this application.

Professional Memory Stick PRO is the most recent addition to Lexar’s professional line-up.
Speed rated at 80X, equivalent to a minimum sustained read and write speed of 12MB per
second, the new Professional Memory Stick PRO is designed to meet the needs of both
professionals and consumers who require the fastest data read and write speeds available in the
Memory Stick PRO format. Featuring an industrial design that differs slightly from earlier
versions of this format, including a black plastic housing and opaque plastic underside, the
Professional Memory Stick PRO cards will ship later this month in capacities of 512MB and