New accessory shoe
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New accessory shoe

Canon hasn't said what its new 'accessory shoe' will be used for, but an add-on audio input module would be useful for videography.

Canon says the camera will come with a new 'accessory shoe' that 'supports new accessories.'

The company has previously made cameras, such as the EOS M6 Mark II, that have had a series of connectors along the front of the flash hot shoe. In the case of the M6 II, this was designed to support an electronic viewfinder, but that would seem unnecessary on a camera that will already have one built in.

The other common use of hot shoe connectors is the ability to add accessory microphones: both Panasonic and Sony offer accessory audio modules that allow high-end mics with XLR connectors to be attached and controlled.

The R3's video specs sound as if they might deserve a high-quality audio accessory but we'll have to see what sorts of 'new accessories' Canon's engineers have in mind.