Panasonic has provided details of a firmware update for its recent G-system cameras to provide full compatibility with the newly-announced Lumix X power zoom lenses. The firmware, which will be available at 'the beginning of October' will work with the DMC-GH2, G3, GF3 and GF2, and will provide several additional options for how the powered zoom is controlled. By a process of elimination, it seems reasonable to assume these are the functions that won't be available to older G-series users (G1, GF1, GH1, G2, G10), and possibly Olympus PEN users.

Press Release:

Panasonic Announces the Firmware Update Program for DMC-GH2 / G3 / GF3 / GF2 for Enhancing the Functions of the New Power Zoom Lenses

Panasonic announces the new firmware update program for the digital interchangeable lens system cameras DMC-GH2, DMC-G3, DMC-GF3 and DMC-GF2 of LUMIX G Micro System.

The firmware version 1.1 will be released to enhance the functions when the camera is used with the new power zoom lenses - LUMIX G X VARIO PZ 14-42mm / F3.5-5.6 ASPH. / POWER O.I.S. (H-PS14042) and LUMIX G X VARIO PZ 45-175mm / F4.0-5.6 ASPH. / POWER O.I.S. (H-PS45175).

The following functions will be available with the new firmware:

  • Display of the local length
    When you zoom, the focal distance is displayed and you can confirm the zoom position.
  • Step zoom
    When you operate the zoom, the zoom will stop at positions corresponding to predetermined distances.
  • Zoom resume
    When you switch the power switch [ON], the zoom positions when you last switched [OFF] are automatically restored.
  • Selectable zoom speed
    Users can select the speed of electric-powered zooming.

The new firmware program ver.1.1 will be available worldwide from the beginning of October at

The power zoom lenses can be used with DMC-GH2, DMC-G3, DMC-GF3 or DMC-GF2 if the firmware is not updated. However, Panasonic recommends all users to update it.