Leef has today announced the iBridge, a plug-in memory accessory for iPhones, iPods and iPads. iBridge comes with an Apple Lighting connector at one end and a USB-plug at the other which allows for easy file transfer to and from iOS devices, PC and Mac. It is available in sizes ranging from 16 to 256GB and comes with a free iOS app.

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iBridge should be a useful accessory for those users looking to backup their Camera Roll automatically and move photos off the phone, store movie or music libraries externally to save internal memory or capture photos directly to the device when the iPhone memory is depleted. In addition iBridge can also be helpful when sharing content between iOS devices.

Thanks to its ‘J’ shape iBridge curves around the back of a device and thus minimizes extra bulk. It will be available to purchase from the company website and Amazon mid January. Pricing will start at $59.99 for the 16GB version.