All images in the gallery above were processed using the film stocks included in Film Pack 00. Click through for larger previews and more info.

Who doesn't love free stuff? Visual Supply Co has been churning out Photoshop and Lightroom-compatible film presets for some time now. To date, they've released at least seven different 'Film Packs' each containing presets that mimic both classic and contemporary film stocks (including the most recent release of Fiim Pack 00).

In an attempt to wet the whistles of those who may be reluctant to plunk down $120 for an entire Film Pack, VSCO put together Film Pack 00 and is offering it for free. Unlike the other Packs, 00 only contains two film stock presets, Kodak Gold and Kodak Tri-X. Each stock offers 16 variations that slightly alter the look of one's image.

Free is good.

It's honestly a whole lot of fun flipping through each of the presets and seeing how they will change the look of your image. And frankly, they do a pretty good job mimicking two very popular film stocks that many of us have come to know and love. In any case, if the presets just don't do it for you, use this as an excuse to go out and shoot some actual film. But first, head on over to to download Film Pack 00 for free.