Software: FotoWare has recently launched version 5.0 of their FotoStation PRO digital asset managment system. New features include fully integrated Color Management, workflow-oriented interface, configurable "Actions" for the automation of time-consuming operations and advanced printer output.

FotoWare FotoStation PRO 5.0

Take full control of your digital assets

FotoStation PRO has been designed for people who work professionally with digital assets. It puts you in command whether you work alone or in a large organization, and whether you have just started building an archive or need a fast, powerful solution to organize you existing one. FotoStation PRO offers powerful workgroup collaboration tools and adapts perfectly to even the most complex workflow requirements.

Greatly customizable interface

Since no two configurations are the same, FotoStation PRO has been made with customization in mind. Group and organize your archives on side panels, tweak the text editor layout to suit your needs and create custom views to organize your files - your way. Sort files by attributes, image similarity or text content, or make a custom arrangement by dragging and dropping files in whichever order you please.


Actions allow you to carry out a host of operations at the click of a button. Configure an action to apply a text template, resize images to fit a certain layout, upload files to a web server, or choose from a number of other available options. Several processes can be carried out in sequence to help automate your workflow.

Advanced searching and retrieval

FotoStation PRO features a powerful search tool that lets you perform advanced, multi-archive searches where you can specify file attributes and additional search options to narrow the search. Archive maintenance is made possible through search and replace functions to update the text in your archived files. For truly large archives, and for the added benefit of phonic, synonym and fuzzy searches, FotoStation PRO can be connected to an Index Manager server which can handle hundreds of thousands of files without compromising search speed.

Captioning of files

Tailor the text editor to suit your needs! The FotoStation PRO text editor can be customized to include exactly the fields you require. The text editor’s layout and available fields also change depending on the type of file being captioned. Create and apply text templates using an advanced macro tool, or import and apply an IPTC template from an external file. The text editor can also make use of the auto-complete and spell-checking capabilities of Microsoft® Office, if installed.

Handling of digital camera files

Acquire files from any media and add them to a job automatically, then fill in a description to make the job easier to retrieve later. You may even create a job prior to an assignment, print the job description and add files or images to the job later. Acquired files can also be stored directly in an archive or processed using an action, for instance to convert raw format files from a digital camera to an industry standard format such as TIFF, JPEG or EPS.


Create collections of files using projects! Files from different locations can be collected in projects and shared with other users on the network. Flags allow you to set a visual indication of a project’s status, and you may also add a suitable project description.

Offline Storage

Insert a CD-ROM and let FotoStation PRO index its contents. You may archive the contents of any type of removable media, or a WAN volume for that matter. The offline archive is fully searchable, and FotoStation PRO will prompt users to retrieve the correct media when the original file is required.


FotoStation PRO provides a number of predefined print templates, and you may create your own to incorporate a company logo and layout. You may also have FotoStation PRO automatically create a layout for you by simply selecting a number of images and choosing the number of rows and columns you would like. The print functionality can be incorporated in actions, for instance to print a list of files that have been copied from a production archive and put to use in a publishing system.

Image Editing

Use FotoStation PRO to easily correct the color balance in your images! In Edit mode you will find several tools similar to those found in Adobe Photoshop®, such as hue and saturation settings, curves, manual color balance adjustment and automatic setting of white and black points. FotoStation PRO also lets you set gray balance, and has a useful anti-red-eye function. Image actions let you configure a number of operations that can be carried out automatically, for instance to perform automatic color balancing, contrast adjustment etc.

Color Management

FotoStation PRO has fully integrated Color Management. Use ICC profiles to ensure correct display of thumbnails and previews in your archive. Using an action you can tag an image with a profile to ensure correct rendering of colors throughout the production process.

Drag and Drop

Use it to organize your archives and actions within the program, or to drop files to an external program. Using the Crop and Drop feature you can instantly crop an image upon dropping it into a program such as a page layout system, thus mounting the readily cropped image directly on the page.

Text record import and export

Using FotoStation PRO you can export and import text to your files in any format. Support for formats used by other major software manufacturers is built in and makes text record import and export a swift operation. You may even create you own format to comply with any proprietary system.

Integration with other systems

FotoStation PRO is based on open industry standards, and can easily be integrated with existing archiving and production systems. Full drag and drop support is built in, and you may configure actions to transfer files to other systems. Actions can also be configured to launch a third-party program or script, and with the optional FotoXStream Drop and Repro modules you may perform advanced drops to QuarkXPress™.

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