Yesterday we managed to get our hands on a pre-production Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II, after a short run around Cologne we've mangaged to put together a sixteen image samples gallery from this sixteen megapixel digital SLR. Two things are immediately obvious, firstly that noise levels are impressively low at high sensitivities and secondly that less sharpening appears to be required that the EOS-1D Mark II. Oh, and there are a lot of pixels in a EOS-1Ds Mark II image!

Large files note: The original JPEG images are very large (over 7 MB each), please to limit yourself to downloading only one or two initially otherwise the gallery server will hit its bandwidth limit and be throttled back.

Sharpening: Treating the EOS-1Ds Mark II like an EOS-1D Mark II and this being my first shoot with the camera I turned the Sharpening setting up to 3, in hindsight this was too high and a 1 or 2 would probably have been sufficient. Hence my apologies for some of strong sharpening halos visible in some of the images.

Click here for the samples page of our Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II preview