Displaytech will be exhibiting micro (0.19" diagonal) LCD displays on their stand at PMA 2000, these displays are designed to be used in viewfinder for video cameras, digital cameras and head-mounted displays and produce a 320 x 240 (76,800 pixel) image.

Here's their press release:

Displaytech Unveils the Future of Digital Photography At Photo Marketing Association International Show

Who: Displaytech, the only company in the world making micro-ferroelectric liquid crystal displays (FLCDs) for digital electronics applications.

What: QVGA microdisplay panel, the world's only consumer high-resolution FLCD. Displaytech's QVGA panel is a significant advance in miniature displays for digital still cameras, video cameras, head-mounted displays, computer monitors, advanced mobile electronics, or any video application.

Product Specs:
320 x 240 full color pixels
Array diagonal 0.19"
24-bit color depth
Frame rates up to 90 Hz

Where: Displaytech booth #J 61, located in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

When: February 3 - 6, 2000

Why: With Displaytech's 15 years of industry experience and 77 patents, the company's new QVGA is a dramatic step forward in quality for the microdisplay market. It offers unparalleled color and resolution in a package the size of a fingernail.

QVGA characteristics include:

  • Full color, full motion for all video applications
  • High contrast for easy visibility
  • High resolution for the latest digital content
  • Low power consumption saves money and battery life
  • Low cost makes FLCD attractive to OEMs and consumers alike
  • Small and lightweight allows for a broader range of applications and smaller form factors

No other technology available today offers a combination of features as attractive as FLCDs. For this reason, FLCDs are positioned to be the technology of choice for all future video applications.

Anthony Artigliere of Displaytech will be at PMA to address the uniqueness of FLCD and all of its future applications -- from digital cameras to wireless applications, portable DVD and wearable computers. QVGA panels will be on display for inspection and testing.

To schedule an appointment with Displaytech at PMA, call Amy Jewell at 303-786-7000 or e-mail her at amy@metzger.com.