Last April, the tech world took note when Vincent Laforet introduced the MoVI stabilized rig and ever since, companies have been launching multi-axis gimbal stabilizers. These rigs are quite large because they require a lot of tech that cameras don’t have, like a gyroscope for example. Recently a company named ADPLUS launched a Kickstarter project for a new product called Elephant Steady. Though named for a large animal, this new stabilizer claims to be the smallest of its kind and it’s made specifically for the iPhone.

An iPhone, unlike a traditional camera, uses a gyroscope that actively detects motion and the Elephant Steady takes full advantage of it. It taps into the sensor via the headphone jack and its motors respond to the motion of the iPhone it's attached to. Video is recorded using the free Elephant Cam app. Additional features will be added to the app in the future like the ability to track faces.

The stabilizer itself only provides a few external controls, including a tilt control button, power switch and a holder designed to be compatible with current and future Apple devices. Inside of its polycarbonate shell is a battery which takes an hour to charge but claims to last all day.

Over the next month ADPLUS will be trying to raise $50,000 to take the Elephant Steady all the way to production and according to Kicktraq, they will succeed. For $79 + shipping the very first Elephant Steady could be yours by February of 2015. It’s an ingenious idea that deserves a look and if you're interested, head over to their Kickstarter.

Peter Walkowiak is a contributing writer for DPReview.