Photokina 2010: Hasselblad has introduced the H4D-31 medium format camera with a 31Mp sensor. It features the 'True Focus' AF system of the the H4D series and offers an optional CF-lens adapter to mount the company's V-System lenses (also available as part of a kit). The company has also introduced the CFV-50 medium format digital back with a 50Mp sensor. The H4D-31 camera and CFV-50 digital back are available at retail prices of €9,995 and €11,990 respectively. Furthermore, Hasselblad has also updated its Phocus image processing software to version 2.6.

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Press Release:

Hasselblad expands its H4D line with the new H4D-31

Septemeber 2010: The H4D-31 – the perfect digital medium format alternative for 35mm DSLR photographers and for V-customers who are ready to transition to digital

Following the enthusiasm with which the H4D-40 has been embraced, Hasselblad was inspired to offer photographers the H4D-31, bringing the ultimate in image quality to high end 35mm DSLR photographers who want to step up to medium format. At the same time, Hasselblad wanted to offer its V-System customers a digital alternative by bundling the H4D-31 with a CF-lens adapter for mounting V-System lenses.

The H4D-31 delivers the same superior image quality that is the hallmark of the Hasselblad name. Thanks, in part, to the combination of its low noise color filters, Hasselblad Natural Color Solution (HNCS), with its single color profile, and exquisite performance of the HC/HCD line of lenses, the H4D-31 provides color accuracy, excellent detail and clarity - everything you'd expect from a Hasselblad camera and more.

Equipped with the same advanced technology as the H4D-40, the H4D-31, features Hasselblad's True Focus, which provides focusing accuracy throughout the image field - even at close range with shallow depth-of-field. Hasselblad's innovative use of yaw rate sensor technology solves the challenge of having to focus and recompose in order to acquire a focus point outside the center area of multi-point AF systems. True Focus ensures that photographers quickly and accurately achieve the desired focus at any point.

Currently shipping, the H4D-31 is available in two configurations, both with the latest version of Hasselblad's Phocus 2.6 software. The first, designed for high end 35mm DSLR photographers comes bundled with an 80mm lens. The other offers a digital medium format solution for V-System users by bundling the H4D-31 with a CF-lens adapter. Both options are priced at 9,995 Euro (+tax).

Press Release:

Hasselblad Introduces New Digital Back for V-System Cameras

Septemeber 2010: V-System users now have an additional option for turning their cameras into a powerful digital capture device with the new 50 megapixel CFV-50.

Transitioning from film to digital imaging is easy for V-System users thanks to the introduction of the CFV-50 - a 50 megapixel back with a sensor that is twice the size of the best 35mm full-frame DSLRs on the market today. The CFV-50 marks the third digital solution for the V-System community, building
upon the successful releases of the CFV-16 and the CFV-39.

In order to ensure an almost seamless conversion to digital, the CFV-50 was custom built to match the design and functionality of the V-cameras. Compatible with virtually all existing V-cameras, including the 202FA/203FE/205FCC models, the CFV-50 offers cable-free operation and optimized integration between back, body and lens.

While easy to use, the CFV-50 offers a number of advanced features including Hasselblad's DAC lens correction technology for most of the V-System Carl Zeiss lenses. DAC completely corrects for distortion, lateral chromatic aberration and vignetting in exactly the same way as it does for the H-System lenses. Additionally, the CFV-50 takes advantage of the Hasselblad Natural Color Solution, which uses one generic profile and, therefore, delivers accurate colors straight out of the box. The digital back offers flexibility as well, with square and horizontal format options.

Optimum portability and image storage are critical for the professional photographer. The Hasselblad CFV-50 offers a choice of CF card storage or tethered operation. With these operating and storage options, the photographer is able to select a mode that suits the nature of the work at hand, whether in the studio or on location.

The CFV-50 is available for 11,990 Euro (+tax). For more information and the opportunity to see the back in action, please visit the Hasselblad booth in Hall 2.1, Aisle A, Booth 021.

Press Release:

Hasselblad announces new Phocus updates and exciting new Phocus standalone options

Septemeber 2010: With the introduction of Phocus version 2.6, Phocus Quick and Phocus Mobile, Hasselblad expands its powerful but easy-to-use software and offers applications to meet the various needs of photographers.

Software is critical to every workflow and, therefore, Hasselblad has developed new tools and applications to provide users with more easy and efficient workflow solutions. Hasselblad also realizes that the working conditions - and needs - of photographers fluctuate. Having a trio of Phocus products, each catering to a different need, offers photographers the flexibility of choice.

Phocus 2.6

The first of these is an update to its powerful, but easy-to-use, Phocus software. Version 2.6 offers improvements that expand the application's capabilities and speed workflow. Available in the fourth quarter of 2010 for Mac and Windows platforms, Phocus 2.6 now offers the following features:

Dust Removal Tool:
The Dust Removal tool is designed to quickly remove pesky dust spots caused by dust particles on the sensor. This new tool can be utilized to clean up images individually or in combination with the Modify tool for batch processing, thereby saving time when retouching images.

Star Rating and Filtering:
Rating of images was previously only available via the IPTC core menu as numbers or via the camera integrated 3-color Instant Approval Level system. Now, in addition to the numerical and color-coded rating system, Phocus 2.6 allows users to rate, sort and filter images via star ratings from 0-5 stars.
The star rating system can be used in any view mode including Thumbnail mode, Viewer mode or when a group of images is selected. Once images are rated, they can be quickly sorted by star rating with the corresponding filter in the thumbnail bar.

Import/Export of Image Adjustments:
If you, like most photographers, have specific sets of image adjustments that you use over and over again, you can share those adjustments with other members of your team or, better yet, take them with you so you have them whether you're on location or using rented equipment. With this photographer is also able to use his or her personal adjustments, keywords, layouts, etc. between different other Phocus workstations. This feature also keeps the latest version of Phocus in alignment with the MyPhocus concept that has previously brought options for importing and exporting keywords as well as user layouts to its many users.

Windows support of TIFF and JPEG files:
Like the Mac version, the Windows version of Phocus 2.6 now supports TIFF and JPEG files. With this additional file support, Phocus can take on a broader role in photographers' workflows.

Windows Support of 3rd Party RAW Files:
In response to customer demands and to bring the Windows version of Phocus in line with the Mac version, Hasselblad is currently developing a solution for 3rd party RAW file support for Windows users.

Phocus 2.6 will be demonstrated at the Hasselblad booth during Photokina and will be available for free download from during the fourth quarter of 2010.

Phocus Mobile:

In keeping with the latest technology, Hasselblad has developed a mobile version of Phocus. Available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Phocus Mobile offers the option of connecting wirelessly to a computer running Phocus 2.6 and allow users to remotely browse, zoom and rate images - perfect for working with clients in the studio since each person can view images on an electronic device rather than gathering around a single computer.

Phocus Mobile also allows users to remotely operate and trigger a tethered camera, providing control of exposure mode, f/stop, shutter speed, ISO, metering mode and other important capture information, all presented on a virtual camera display. Remote controlling the camera is particularly useful when the camera is located in a difficult-to-access position.

Phocus Mobile is expected to be available for free download at the Apple App store in the fourth quarter of 2010. Meanwhile, visit the Hasselblad booth for a live demonstration.

With these multiple iterations of Phocus, Hasselblad now has a software application to truly meet the various needs of photographers.

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Hasselblad 202FA with digital back CFV-50 Limited H4D Ferrari Edition with Racing Shield
The H4D-31 medium format camera ships in two configurations bundled either with the 80mm lens or CF-lens adapter to connect V-system lenses. Both are priced at €9,995.