Reto has announced a new Kodak-branded half-frame film camera, the Ektar H35. The simple half-frame film camera, first spotted by Kosmo Foto, allows you to capture 72 photos using a 36-shot roll of 35mm film and 48 images on a 24-frame roll. The half-frame design uses a typical 36 x 24mm film frame to capture two vertical 18 x 24mm frames.

The Ektar H35 is designed to be efficient and easy to use. Capturing twice as many shots on a single roll of film will allow photographers to shoot more and spend less. As for ease of use, the Ektar H35 is 'pocket-size' and includes basic, convenient controls. The camera also includes a built-in flash. You turn the flash on by rotating the silver ring around the built-in lens.

The lens is a 22mm F9.5 prime with two elements. It's listed as being made using 'optical grade acrylic.' The shutter speed is 1/100s. The camera's controls are simple, with only a shutter release, manual wind and rewind gear and the flash control. The camera weighs 100g (3.53 oz.) and its dimensions (W x H x D) are 110 x 62 x 39mm (4.33 x 2.44 x 1.54"). A single AAA battery powers the camera.

The camera is certainly not aimed at experienced film photographers. After all, you don't have manual control over settings, and you aren't able to switch out lenses. But for someone who wants a point-and-shoot film photography experience, the Reto Ektar H35 could be a stylish option.

Reto Ektar H35 (sage)

The Reto Ektar H35 is available in four colorways: sand (tan), sage (green), brown and black. The camera is $49.99 and will begin shipping in June. You can preorder it directly from Reto. Reto also sells a film case for 120/135 film in various colors with prices ranging from $25 to $29.

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