The EyeEm Team shared this image today, vowing not to use images without users' consent.

With just a couple of days to go until Instagram's updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy go into effect on Saturday, January 19,  EyeEm has released a statement on the company's blog promising its users that "your photos will always remain yours and nothing will EVER be done with them without your consent."

It's key timing for the smaller social photo sharing service, which stands to gain users turned off by the controvertial policy changes first announced by Instagram last month. 

As Instagram users face the upcoming policy change deadline, we remind our readers of our recent look at whether to stay or go, offered by Connect contributor Misho Baranovic.  While Baranovic opted to stay with the service, another mobile photographer and Connect contributor, Star Rush, decided to leave, sharing her explanation on her own blog. 

No matter your choice, another new tool is now available to allow users to migrate their entire Instagram library of images to EyeEm with a single click using Instagram 2 EyeEm. Designed by EyeEm user Simone Conti, the exporter maintains all hashtags and keywords associated with your image, as well as geolocation data.