Instant film manufacturer Impossible has launched what it calls a Generation 2.0 film called B&W 2.0. The company claims it's not only sharper and clearer than previous Impossible products, but also develops much quicker. The new film is the result of a new chemical formula for Impossible that has been developed by former Polaroid research chemist Stephen Herchen, and which aims to deliver more accurate tones, more contrast and ca visible image in just 20 seconds. Images become fully developed black and white prints over the course of 5 minutes, and don’t need to be shielded from daylight as they emerge.

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Measuring 8.8x10.7cm (3.5x4.2in), the finished prints have an image area of 7.9cm (3.1 in) square and come in packs of 8 that are designed for the 600 series of Polaroid cameras as well as the Impossible Instant Lab Universal that shoots the screens of smart phones. Users have a choice of a white or black background, and a single pack of 8 glossy sheets will cost $24/£17/€20. These Generation 2.0 products will replace the current B&W films in the 600 series.

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