The CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association) has today released a statement on the recent re-classification of certain digital cameras as 'video camera recorders'. The new EU rule states that any digital still camera with a resolution higher than 800x600 and the duration of video of 30 minutes of more (at 23 fps or higher) must now be classified as a 'video camera recorder' and hence be taxed at a higher rate. This new legislation will undoubtedly mean that any promise of serious video capture on digital still cameras becomes an even more remote possibility. The only plus side to the EU's recent announcement is that the threat of retroactive charges appears to have been dropped. CIPA's standpoint is: "Arbitrary and unilateral tariff classification having been executed by the EU authorities for the products eligible for the ITA (Information Technology Agreement) is infringement of the ITA. Thus, the CIPA will continue to make claims for the invalidity of the relevant action similar to this case in the trade area from now on so that other IT products will not be affected by such action."

Click here for the full CIPA statement (PDF)