A 400ws ring flash which uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery has been launched by camera store Adorama. The flash is part of the Flashpoint brand, and features a fully circular flash tube with an aperture capable of accommodating a lens barrel with a diameter of up to 3.5in/95mm. With a guide number of 82ft/25m@ISO 100 the ring is powerful enough not only for macro work, but also headshots and full-length portraits. The output of the gun is adjustable in 1/3 stop increments from full power down to 1/128th power, and the company claims recycling times of between 0.5 seconds and 2.8 seconds on a full battery.

The Ring Li-On 400ws is powered by a 11.1V Lithium-ion cell with a 4500mAh capacity, which Adorama says is good for about 450 full power discharges before it needs recharging. Flash duration is quoted as being between 1/300sec and 1/20000sec, depending on the power of the output, and the gun supports stroboscopic features.

A ring of LEDs delivers a 440 lux modeling light that allows the effect of the flash to be previewed, while also providing a 3-step adjustable light source for videographers. The flash comes with a cable that has a 3.5mm jack so the gun can be triggered by any camera equipped with a PC socket or an adapter in a hotshoe. It is also compatible with the Flashpoint wireless Commander system which allows communication from a distance of 150 feet should you want to use the ring off-camera. Optical sensors can also trigger the gun when it senses another flash firing. As a cabled gun there are no dedicated units, so it will work with all brands of camera, and exposures are always calculated manually – there are no aperture priority or TTL modes. 

The Flashpoint Ring Li-On 400ws comes with a diffuser ring, PC cable, battery, charger and a bracket for attaching to a camera. With the battery attached the flash weighs 1.4kg, and measures 22.5x23x7cm. The kit costs $499.95. For more information see the Adorama website.

Flashpoint Ring Li-On 400ws Specifications 
 Guide Number 82 Ft, 25 Meters @ISO 100
 Flash Exposure Control Manual Flash
Remote Manual Flash
 Triggering Modes Radio Controller
3.5mm and PC Sync Ports
Optical Slave
Intelligent Optical Slave
Power Source 11.1V/4500mAh Li-ion polymer battery
Power Control
1/128th power to full power in 1/3 stop increments
Recycle Time
Full power flashes per charge Approx. 450
Dimensions 22.5x23x7cm
Weight with battery 1.4kg
Flash Duration 1/300 to 1/20000 seconds
Maximum Lens Diameter Pass Though 3.5in / 95mm