Sony has announced a two subtle changes to the specifications of its forthcoming RX1 full-frame fixed-lens compact camera. Continuous AF will not be available in stills shooting mode, and the AF-C position will not appear on the front dial. Meanwhile, the camera's maximum shutter speed has been extended, when shooting at moderate apertures. The changes explain Sony's insistence that we leave the 'Not Final' stickers visible on the pre-production unit we used for our preview.

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The company says that continuous AF will not be available in stills shooting mode. A unified 'AF' position on the camera's focus mode dial will set the camera to AF-S in stills mode and AF-C when shooting movies.

Meanwhile, the camera's fastest shutter speed has been amended. We questioned Sony at the time of the announcement why the shutter speed wasn't able to increase for smaller apertures (which is normal behavior for a lens shutter, where the shutter has a shorter distance to travel at small apertures). The company has announced that 1/4000th shutter speeds will be available when using apertures smaller than F5.6. 1/3200th will be available at apertures smaller than F4 and 1/2000th will remain the fastest shutter speed available when working with apertures brighter than F4.