Novoflex has announced prices for eleven adapters for the Micro Four Thirds standard, including Pentax K, Nikon F and Sony Alpha adapters with built-in aperture control rings. The adapters provide only a mechanical connection between the lens and the body but retain automatic metering for aperture priority mode and allow focusing to infinity. All should be in stock in the US by October, according to the US distributor, HP Marketing.

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On adapters with aperture control rings, the control ring needs to be rotated to the fully open position (counter-clockwise for K and Alpha mounts, Clockwise for Nikon), before a lens is mounted. From this point, rotating the ring stops-down the aperture.

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Novoflex Micro Four Thirds to Nikon F-mount adapter

Press Release:

Novoflex Micro Four Thirds Lens Adapters

Novoflex, Germanyʼs premier manufacturer of quality digital and analog accessories, announces the availability of a new series of lens adapters to mount older analog and digital lenses onto the new MicroFourThirds camera bodies which include the Panasonic Lumix G1 and the new GH1 and the Olympus E-P1 as well as camera bodies that will become available in the future using the new MicroFourThirds system.

The new adapters are made to very precise and high standards to ensure exact infinity focus on these new camera bodies. With the Micro Four Thirds cameras automatic exposure metering via stop-down metering is possible as is aperture priority auto exposure. Currently the following adapters are available for Micro Four Thirds cameras: Leica M (LEM/MFT); Leica R (LEM/LER); Nikon G and non-G (MFT/NIK); Contax/Yashica (MFT/CONT); Olympus OM (MFT/OM); Pentax K (MFT/PENT); Minolta MD (MFT/MIN-MD); Sony/Minolta AF (MFT/MIN-AF); Canon FD (MFT/CAN); M42 (MFT/CO) and T2 (MFT/T2) lenses on the new MicroFourThirds camera bodies. The MFT/LEM allows owners of Leica M lenses to now use them on a digital camera for much less then the cost of a M8 body!

Novoflex also offers a full range of lens to body adapters for most 35mm and DSLR cameras as well as for Leica M cameras. These adapters allow the switching of lenses from one camera system to another as well as the use of lenses from medium format cameras on these bodies.

Suggested retail prices


Nikon F* $ 291 € 169
Pentax K* $ 291 € 169
Sony/Minolta Alpha* $ 291 € 169
Minolta MD $ 211 € 119
M42 $ TBC € 89
Leica M $ 271 € 149
Leica R $ 211 € 119
Canon FD $ 211 € 119
Contax/Yashica $ 211 € 119
Olympus OM $ 211 € 119
T2 $ TBC € 89

* includes mechanical aperture control ring for use with lenses that do not include them.