Pre-IFA 2009: Lastly, Canon has announced seven Pixma All-In-One printers, an A4 photo printer and an A3 office printer. The Pixma iP4700 photo printer offers 1pl (picolitre) drops, 9600dpi printing and supports direct printing from compatible cameras. The entry level Pixma MP250, MP270 and MP490; mid-range Pixma MP550 and MP560; and the higher end Pixma MP640 and MP990 All-In-Ones incorporate the Auto Photo Fix II image correction function and an Auto Scan Mode that recognises different kinds of documents and processes them accordingly. Last comes the Pixma iX7000 Business printer with PgR (Pigment Reaction) Technology resulting in water- and smudge-resistant, longer lasting prints.

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Canon’s 2009 PIXMA All-In-One, Photo and Business Printer range: smart printing technology, intelligently applied

LONDON, UK, 19th August 2009: Canon has announced a new range of PIXMA All-In-One and Photo printers that offer intelligent, high-quality printing for everyone - while also making them easier to use. The range - comprising of seven new All-In-Ones, a premium quality A4 Photo Printer and an A3 office printer - harness the latest Canon printing technologies for photo-lab quality results.

New to PIXMA in 2009 is Auto Photo Fix II, an improved version of the automatic image-correction function first introduced in Canon’s Easy-PhotoPrint EX software in 2008. Canon is also making webpage printing simpler and smarter with the introduction of Easy-WebPrint EX allowing users to clip webpage information and build their own relevant, printable documents. Canon’s 2009 PIXMA inkjet All-In-Ones are also easier to use with the introduction of larger colour LCD displays and improved Easy-Scroll Wheel with 4-way cursor controls on some models.

All 2009 PIXMA printers offer class-leading print speeds that are even faster than last year’s models, while Canon has also become one of the first printer manufacturers to adopt ISO/IEC 24734, 24735 print and copy speed measurements across its entire inkjet range – making it simpler to make direct model-to-model comparisons using industry standards.

These new features join existing Canon technologies like FINE (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) printhead technology and ChromaLife100+, enabling users to produce high quality, long lasting prints with any kind of document.

All-In-One PIXMA Printers

Canon’s seven-model strong PIXMA All-In-One line-up includes three new entry-level models aimed at first-time users and students – the PIXMA MP250, PIXMA MP270 and PIXMA MP490. Two mid-range models – the PIXMA MP550 and PIXMA MP560 – offer ease of use and quality thanks to single ink tanks, while two flagship All-In-Ones – the PIXMA MP640 and PIXMA MP990 - are suited to any user, from digital camera enthusiasts to professional photographers.

Like the rest of Canon’s 2009 PIXMA range, the entry-level PIXMA MP250, PIXMA MP270 and PIXMA MP490 all feature Auto Photo Fix II - an improved version of the image correction function included in last year’s Easy-PhotoPrint EX software.

Auto Photo Fix II makes it easy to correct underexposed images by using multi-zone algorithms to assess each area of an image before intelligently applying just the right amount of correction, ensuring you get beautifully balanced prints.

Easy-WebPrint EX enables web-users to clip key parts of a webpage that they’d like to print. The software, which is available to download from Canon, allows users to collect, edit and combine web content from different web pages. This ensures that users only print the information that is useful to them and affords them the potential to save paper and ink.

Other key features of the PIXMA MP250, PIXMA MP270 and PIXMA MP490 All-In-Ones include a 2pl FINE Cartridge system, which makes them simple to replace when the ink runs low, while also offering superior quality printing at 4800dpi resolution. The PIXMA MP250, PIXMA MP270 and PIXMA MP490 are also noticeably faster than their predecessors, using ISO/IEC speed measurement tests.

All three models also include an Auto Scan Mode, which scans and automatically recognises different kinds of documents and processes them accordingly – making it easy to scan and file photos and business cards, for example. Canon’s smart Dual Colour Gamut Processing Technology (DCGPT) helps preserve the colour fidelity of the original scan, even with second generation copies, whilst delivering laser-like quality reproduction of text in copied documents.

Adding even more intelligent functionality to Canon’s PIXMA 2009 line-up are
PIXMA MP550 and PIXMA MP560. These mid-range All-In-One printers come with large 5cm (2”) colour TFT LCD displays and a 2400dpi CIS scanner for high quality copies of your documents, photos and other media. Both offer a PictBridge port for direct camera or digital video camcorder connection and USB flash drive printing and also printing from memory cards, while PIXMA MP560 adds a built in Auto Duplex unit for automatic double sided printing. PIXMA MP560 also comes equipped with 802.11g Wi-Fi connectivity for fuss-free printing over users’ home wireless networks.

Both PIXMA MP550 and PIXMA MP560 offer improved print quality with 1pl, FINE printing and five individual ink tanks (black, cyan, magenta, yellow and photo black), with a print resolution of 9600 dpi. The PIXMA MPX550 and PIXMA MP560 make intelligent use of LEDs to light up individual ink tanks that are running low on ink –  making it simple for users to see at a glance if one needs changing. PIXMA MPX550 and PIXMA MP560 offer improved ease-of-use with the Easy-Scroll Wheel, which gives fingertip control and access to all functions using the 5cm (2”) TFT LCD display. Offering an integrated 4-way cursor control, the improved Easy-Scroll Wheel negates the need for a separate cross key switch.

Canon’s All-In-One PIXMA printers find their best expression though in the PIXMA MP640 and PIXMA MP990 - the flagship models in the 2009 inkjet range.

Aimed at photography enthusiasts, home workers and small businesses, the PIXMA MP640 and PIXMA MP990 offer built-in 802.11g Wi-Fi connectivity and Ethernet ports for easy integration into a home or office network, while also delivering essential features such as duplex printing, twin paper trays and the ability to print onto DVD / CDR’s.

Both printers offer superior print quality and speeds using 1pl FINE printheads, with individual tanks for black, cyan, magenta, yellow and photo black inks. The PIXMA MP990 also includes a sixth tank containing grey ink, which delivers professional-quality photo printing with both mono and colour images.

Other key highlights of PIXMA MP990 include white LED light source in the scanner, offering instant white light for faster, better quality 4800dpi scanner output. PIXMA MP990 includes an Easy-Scroll Wheel with integrated cursor controls and a large 9.5cm (3.8”) colour TFT LCD display. Mons also features an Easy-Scroll Wheel with cursor controls and a 7.5cm (3.0”) colour TFT LCD display.

PIXMA Printers

Aimed at home photo enthusiasts or those who want to upgrade an existing standalone printer, the PIXMA iP4700 responds to all print demands. This premium quality printer offers 1pl, 9600dpi FINE printing with individual ink tanks. Key features include direct printing from compatible digital cameras or digital video camcorders using PictBridge, plus support for multimedia printing onto printable CDs and DVDs, using the integrated tray. The PIXMA iP4700 is finished in black gloss with gunmetal aluminium highlights, ensuring it can be stylishly integrated into home or home-office space.

Smart PIXMA Printing for Business

New for 2009 is the PIXMA iX7000, an A3 PIXMA printer aimed at SOHO users or small workgroups who want a fast, dependable inkjet capable of producing commercial quality output on plain paper.

PIXMA iX7000 is equipped with intelligent PgR (Pigment Reaction) Technology that lays down a clear-ink coating on to the paper just before the pigment-based inks are applied. The resulting output is water-fast, smudge resistant and long-lasting with virtually no colour bleed or print-through, as well as reduced curling - a common occurrence when printing graphic-intensive documents on to plain paper.

The PIXMA iX7000 comes with five tanks containing LUCIA pigment inks, as well a Clear Ink tank, and includes a 2pl printhead offering 4800 dpi prints. The PIXMA iX7000 also includes an auto duplex unit for two-sided printing at paper sizes up to A3, three paper input trays, including a large capacity 250 sheet lower cassette and a built-in Ethernet port for easy integration in a home office or business network.
Like all of Canon’s 2009 PIXMA printers, the PIXMA iX7000 comes with a comprehensive software suite, which includes Auto Photo Fix II (as part of Easy-PhotoPrint EX).

PIXMA iX7000 users are also uniquely offered a range of downloadable document templates that can be used in Microsoft Word allowing them to easily create professional-quality point-of-sale output, so helping to reduce business costs.

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