David Stone from Photographic Solutions has just emailed me to let me know that they have developed a new sensor swab called 'Swab-N' designed specifically for cleaning the Nikon D-SLRs the D1 / D1H and D1x. All D-SLRs suffer from an accumulation of dust and dirt on their sensor (although some cope better than others) and sometimes using a blower just isn't enough, that's where Photosol's specially designed Swabs and Eclipse cleaner come into their own.

Press release:

Photographic Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Sensor Swab -N on 08 January 2002. This latest addition to our unique digital cleaning product line is designed for cleaning the Nikon ® digital camera models D1 / D1h / D1x when used with our Eclipse ® Optic Cleaner.

Sensor Swab -N is easily distinguished from our regular sized Sensor Swab (for Kodak DCS and Fuji S1 digital cameras) by the designation within the white star on the front panel which states : Designed for Nikon TM D1 / D1h / D1x

While the Sensor Swab -N differs from our regular Sensor Swab in size only, this new Nikon version has not yet been officially approved by Nikon.

Like Sensor Swab , Sensor Swab -N is available in boxes of 12, and is priced at $48. per box.

For detailed information see your professional photographic supplier or visit our web site
at www.photosol.com and check our What's New? page.