Love our galleries of real-world sample images but hate our galleries interface? You're not alone. We've been working on an improved system for uploading and displaying camera and lens samples for some time, and it's finally ready for you to try out. Our new gallery viewer fixes several of the most frustrating problems with the old one, and introduces many new features including a loupe and one-click 100% view. 

Using the loupe view, you can drag a 100% window around the image. Or to view the entire image at 100%, just hit the 1:1 button. 

As well as more convenient viewing options, we've also introduced something that our users have been requesting for years - sorting by EXIF data. Now, if you only want to look at pictures taken within a certain range of exposure settings, or focal lengths, you can.

Our new sample gallery viewer allows you to filter images using EXIF data, so if you just want to look at samples taken within a certain range of shutter speeds, apertures or ISO settings, you can. 

Other improvements include the ability for DPReview staff to add original Raw files for download alongside JPEGs in the gallery, individual image social links (so you can 'like' images in a gallery on Facebook if that's your thing) and greatly improved operation on mobile. Specifically: it should actually work now. 

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This is a completely new system, built from the ground up. That's why it has taken a while to roll out, and that's also why depending on your operating system and browser combination, you may find a few bugs that we didn't squash before making it public. We would really appreciate it if you could report bugs (and offer additional suggestions for improvements if you have any) via our feedback system