Pre-PMA 2008: Jobo today announced its PMA line-up including a brand new product line - camera and camcorder batteries. Image storage and viewing solutions are catered for by the GIGA range of hard drive storage devices and 7 to 15-inch digital picture frames. The new battery range, dubbed PREMIO, comprises 300 different types of both Li-Ion and Ni-MH cells with the most popular 60 - taking care of 400 of the most popular applications - being 'readily available' and the remainder presumably requiring special production runs. More after the jump.

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Press Release:

JOBO Presents Innovative New Consumer Products at PMA 2008

New generation of Photo Storage devices – Digital Picture Frames from 7 to 15 inches – and Energy PREMIO Line of rechargeable batteries

Gummersbach, Germany – JOBO AG announces today its participation at the annual Photo Marketing Association trade show – PMA 08 – from January 31 to February 2, 2008 in Las Vegas, NV, USA, showcasing JOBO’s innovative new consumer products. Besides the company’s line-up of mobile image storage devices, JOBO will present its complete product portfolio of digital picture frames from 7 to 15 inches as well as the new JOBO Energy PREMIO Line of rechargeable batteries to the international public for the first time.

JOBO showcases at PMA 08 its current line-up of mobile image storage devices featuring many advancements. The successor to JOBO’s GIGA one device, the GIGA one ultra, features a download speed of 1 GB in about three minutes – that is twice as fast as the data transfer speed of original GIGA one. Furthermore, the JOBO Spectator has just won the “2008 Hot One Award” presented by the American photography magazine Professional Photographer in the category “Portable Hard Drive and Display”. And JOBO’s professional-level photo storage device – the GIGA Vu extreme – incorporates many features of the company’s multiple award-winning GIGA Vu PRO evolution while offering hard disc capacities up to 160 GB as well as numerous other professional photo features and updates.

JOBO also showcases at PMA 08 its entire line of ultra stylish, digital picture frames. The newest addition to the family is the JOBO Photo Display PDJ151 featuring a large 15” high intensity luminous resolution and vibrant TFT-Color-LCD display, 1GB of internal memory for easy access to images and many other user-friendly functions. Also on display are JOBO’s two 10.4” models - Photo Display PDJ105 (512MB internal memory) and PDJ100 (128MB internal memory) - and two 7” models - Photo Display PDJ701 (1GB internal memory) and PDJ700 (128MB internal memory) - all featuring high resolution and brilliant TFT-Color-LCD displays. All JOBO digital picture frames are designed to beautifully showcase digital images.

These JOBO digital picture frames are designed to keep memories alive by showcasing digital pictures in an automatic slideshow presentation giving precious digital memories new life. Additionally, these frames enable users to highlight their special photographic moments and easily share them with family and friends. JOBO’s complete line of digital picture frames feature handsome acrylic designs and modern trims to fit in with any décor in the home or office.

To view images on these digital frames, users simply insert their camera’s media card into the frame to transfer the images to the frame’s internal memory. Or they can download digital image files from their PC or USB device such as JOBO’s line of image storage units, including the new JOBO GIGA Vu extreme, onto the JOBO PDJ105 or PDJ151 frames via the included USB OTG cable. For added convenience, JOBO’s entire line of digital picture frames feature USB 2.0 high speed capability and they support all popular memory cards such as CF, SD, MMC, MS and xD. Easy-to-use buttons on the back of the frames support intuitive operation of all important functions.

JOBO AG also introduces at PMA 08 its new line of JOBO Energy PREMIO rechargeable batteries for today’s most popular digital cameras and camcorders. The JOBO Energy PREMIO battery line has been developed specifically for use with digital SLRs, compact point-and-shoot digital cameras and camcorders. In total there are about 300 battery models (mostly Lithium-ion, but some NiMH), 60 of the most common of them will be readily available for the 400 most popular camera models. The new JOBO Energy PREMIO battery line is packaged with an easy to match color coding system making it easy for retailers and consumers to find the right replacement battery for their digital camera or camcorder model. Users simply match the color coded packaging to their camera model. These new JOBO batteries provide a constant capacity across many charging cycles (300 to 500 depending on usage). JOBO PREMIO batteries do not have a memory effect, are high current capable and quick charge capable. JOBO conducts regular quality control for the whole PREMIO line to ensure high product quality. Precision contacts guarantee maximum energy transfer between the battery and the imaging device. A built-in fuse protects the battery’s electronic microchip against short circuiting, overcharging and overheating. All JOBO batteries are ISO 9001 / 9002 / QS 9000 certified.