Let's just say the Sony Cyber-shot KW1 is one of the more unusual cameras we have seen in the recent past. It combines the electronic components of a consumer-level digital compact camera with the design of a perfume bottle. A swiveling lens indicates the KW1 has been optimized for capturing self-portraits and two Swarovski crystals next to the flash unit give it a certain touch of luxury.

With its technical specification the KW1 won't give your DSLR a run for its money but will have the edge over most smartphones. The 1/2.3-inch Exmor RS CMOS sensor boasts 19.2MP and the fixed lens with an equivalent focal length of 21mm comes with a fast F2.0 aperture. Images can be viewed and composed on a 3.3-inch LCD and Wi-Fi and NFC are on board for easy connection to a smartphone. You can transfer your images to the latter for online-sharing or remote-control the camera via a dedicated app.

The KW1's Beauty Effect mode offers adjustable skin toning and smoothing options, and if you think your selfie could do with even more digital enhancement there are also eye widening, face slimming and shine removal functions available.  

It is clear that the KW1 is a niche product for Asian markets and it's fairly unlikely it will ever make it to Western shores. However, if you like the concept and are based in China or want to try and import one to your country, pre-orders can now be registered on the Sony China website for approximately US$845. 

Source: Sony | Via: Petapixel