Pre-CES 2010: The next installment from Olympus comes with no less than four new pocketable super-zoom models. They are the first Olympus compacts to use the common SD memory card format (to allow for HD movie capture, the company says). The name sort-of indicates the amount of zoom available; 10x for the µ-9010, 7x for the µ-7040 & µ-7030 and 5x for the µ-5010. All four cameras pack a fourteen megapixel CCDs, sensor stabilization, either 1 or 2 GB of internal storage and HD movie recording. Best of all these models will be available in a range of vivid colors.

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Small size, big zoom: the new Olympus µ series

New models join the µ classic line-up

Hamburg, 7 January 2010 – Ultra-slim yet bursting with power, Olympus’ latest pocket cameras are ready for their close-up. The new stylish models have retained the original µ series size, but their zoom power and features have grown exponentially. Fitted with up to 10x wide optical zoom and internal memory for endless shooting, these extra-thin zoom cameras are real technology heavyweights. And of course most of the models now boast HD movie recording. Sporting the trusted Olympus technology and available in a range of stunning colours, the µ-5010, µ-7030, µ-7040, and µ-9010 will hit stores in March 2010 for a retail price of £199.99, £239.99, £239.99 and £289.99.

Slip a stylish µ out of your cocktail bag or jacket breast pocket and prepare to impress with one of the world’s smallest zoom power packages. New features in this line-up:

  • 14 Megapixels
  • HD movie recording and HDMI technology
  • Up to 2GB internal memory
  • Photo Surfing
  • [ib] software
  • In-Camera Manual

With 14 Megapixels and up to 2GB of internal memory the new µ cameras shoot brilliant pictures and leave plenty of space to save your masterpieces. Optical zooms ranging from the ultra-slim wide 5x (26- 130mm*1) and 7x (28-196mm*1) to a staggering wide 10x (28-280mm*1) ensure you’ll never be at a loss when capturing a group of friends or a point in the distance. Then simply flip through the results using the new Photo Surfing option. Thanks to Olympus [ib] technology, it allows pictures tagged by event, person, or location (using Face Recognition and GPS) to be located easily. LCDs measuring up to 3” make sharing or looking up the latest trick in the In-Camera Manual all the more enjoyable. And you can even shoot HD movies to capture important events in all their glory and relax by watching them on TV via HDMI. What more can you ask for?

Well, you could request a number of other Olympus functions, and it almost goes without saying that these are on board as well. To name a few: Dual Image Stabilisation, i-Auto, AF Tracking, Beauty Mode, and In-Camera Panorama all let you snap great shots without worrying about the details. Magic Filters are also on hand to let you test the limits of your creativity.

Small in size but big in zoom power and technology, the µ-5010, µ-7030,
µ-7040, and µ-9010
will be available in March 2010.

The Olympus µ-5010, µ-7030, µ-7040 and µ-9010 – main features:

  • 10x (µ-9010), 7x (µ-7040 & µ-7030) and 5x (µ-5010) wide optical zooms (28-280mm*, 28-196mm*, 26-130mm*1)
  • Dual Image Stabilisation (combines mechanical and digital image stabilisation)
  • HD movie recording and HDMI technology (µ-7030: movie with sound)
  • 14 Megapixels
  • 2GB internal memory (µ-7030 & µ-5010: 1GB) and SD*2 Card compatible
  • Photo Surfing and [ib] software
  • 7.6cm/3.0” (µ-7040) or 6.9cm/2.7” HyperCrystal II LCD (230,000 dots)
  • Intelligent Auto Mode (i-Auto) and AF Tracking
  • Advanced Face Detection
  • Magic Filters
  • In-Camera Manual
  •  In-Camera Panorama
  • TruePic III image processor
  • Available in Titanium Silver, Light Pink and Light Blue (µ-5010), Titanium Silver, Coral Blue and Orchid Purple (µ-7030), Titanium Silver, Copper Blue and Dusty Pink (µ-7040), Champagne Gold and Midnight Black (µ-9010)

*1 Equivalent to a 35mm camera
*2 SD is a trademark of the SD Card Association


Advanced Face Detection Technology
A technology that searches for faces in a composition and recognises them as the main subject. It then automatically puts them in focus and optimally adjusts exposure to create an image that’s sharp in the right places and ideally exposed. Advanced Face Detection Technology can detect up to 16 faces.

AF tracking
This system tracks the moving subject automatically and keeps it continually in focus for pictures that are optimally focused and exposed. It also memorises subject data even when the subject goes out of frame and resumes tracking when it reappears.

Beauty Mode
Beauty mode touches up the appearance of subjects even while the shot is being taken. This feature recognises faces and automatically makes skin on the face and adjacent areas appear smoother, brighter and more youthful.

Dual Image Stabilisation
Providing two-fold protection, this special function helps to avoid image blur caused by camera shake or fast-moving subjects. It combines high ISO values with a CCD-based mechanical image stabiliser, where a built-in gyro sensor detects camera movement and adjusts the CCD accordingly.

In-Camera Panorama mode
A mode allowing users to instantly compose panoramas of approx. 130° right inside the camera. By framing each shot in step with the on-screen guide, exciting panoramic scenes can be stitched together for a more realistic and emotional depiction of any landscape or skyline.

i-Auto mode
This “intelligent-Auto” mode uses advanced automatic detection technology to allow the camera to recognise the five most commonly used scenes automatically. They enable the capture of perfect photos without any need for manual settings.

[ib] software
Olympus now offers [ib], an integrated photo browsing and organising software. Images can be organised by person with a new face recognition technology, by place with a GPS-based mapping function or by event. The information tagged in each photo allows selected pictures to be viewed on a TV, PC, or the camera’s LCD (with Photo Surfing or Slideshow).

Magic Filters
Enables special artistic effects to be created directly in the camera.
  • Pop Art:
    Enhances colours, making them stronger and more vivid to create high-impact pictures that express the happy, light-hearted feeling of the pop art style.
  • Fish-Eye:
    Reproduces the dramatic effect of a fish eye lens, lending a new perspective to the whole scene with a “round” effect.
  • Sketch :
    Gives the impression that subjects have been sketched by an artist by transforming images into line drawings.
  • Pin Hole: Reduces the peripheral brightness like an image seen through a pinhole. Added to this is a unique colour tone that results in a style that has an air of secrecy or portrays the feeling of being lost in another dimension or space.

Photo Surfing
By selecting this option in the Playback menu, users can opt to browse pictures by date, scene, person, place, or image collection.

Olympus µ-9010/µ-7040/µ-7030/µ-5010 specifications

Sensor  • 1/2.33" Type CCD
 • 14.5 million total pixels
 • 14 million effective pixels
 • Primary colour filter (RGB)
Image sizes  • 14M 4288 x 3216
 • 8M 3264 x 2448
 • 5M 2560 x 1920
 • 3M 2048 x 1536
 • 2M 1600 x 1200
 • 1M 1280 x 960
 • VGA 640 x 480
• 16:9 4288 x 2416
• 16:9 1920 x 1080
Movie clips  • 720p HD
 • 640 x 480
 • 320 x 240
 • 720p HD
 • 640 x 480
 • 320 x 240
 • 640 x 480
 • 320 x 240
 • 720p HD
 • 640 x 480
 • 320 x 240
Lens  •10x
 • F=5.0 - 50.0 mm
 • 28 - 280 mm equiv.
 • f/3.2 - 5.9
 • F=5.0 - 35.0 mm
 • 28 - 196 mm equiv.
 • f/3.0 - 5.9
 • 5x
 • F=4.7 - 23.5 mm
 • 26 - 130 mm equiv.
 • f/2.8 - 6.5
Image stabilization Yes
Digital zoom Yes 5x
Focus  • TTL iESP AF
 • AF-Tracking
 • Standard
 • Macro
 • Super-Macro
Focus distance  • 0.5m-∞ (W) 1.0m-∞ (T)
 • Macro 0.1m-∞ (W) 0.9m-∞ (T)
 • Super Macro: 1 cm
 • 0.7m-∞ (W) 0.7m-∞ (T)
 • Macro 0.1m-∞ (W) 0.6m-∞ (T)
 • Super Macro: 2 cm
 • 0.6m-∞ (W) 1.0m-∞ (T)
 • Macro 0.15m-∞ (W) 0.6m-∞ (T)
 • Super Macro: 7 cm
ISO sensitivity  • Auto
 • High Auto
 • ISO 64 - 3200
 • Auto
 • High Auto
 • ISO 64 - 1600
 • Auto
 • High Auto
 • ISO 64 - 3200
Continuous shooting  • 0.7 fps (2 frames)
 • 10 fps (3MP)
 • 0.7 fps (2 frames)
 • 14 fps (22 frames - 3MP)
 • 0.7 fps (2 frames)
 • 10 fps (22 frames /3MP)
Exposure compensation  • +/- 2 EV
 • 1/3 EV steps
Shuttter speed 1/4 - 1/2000
Scene modes 14
White balance  • Auto
 • Presets
Self timer Yes, 2 or 12 seconds
Flash  • Auto
 • Red-eye reduction
 • Fill-in
 • Off
Flash Range  • W 0.3 - 3.1 m (ISO 100)
 • T 1.8 -2.2 m (ISO 200)
 • W 0.1 - 5.7 m (ISO 1250)
 • T 0.6 -2.9 m (ISO 1250)
 • W 0.1 - 4.7 m (ISO 800)
 • T 0.6 -2.7 m (ISO 800)
LCD monitor  • 2.7" / 6.9 cm LCD
 • 230,000 dots
Connectivity  • HDMI Type D
 • DC input
 • Combined A/V & USB output
 • USB 2.0 compatible
Storage  • SD/SDHC
 • 2 GB internal
 • 1 GB internal
Power  • LI-50B Li-Ion battery  • LI-42B Li-Ion battery  • LI-50B Li-Ion battery
Weight (inc batt) 171g 144g 140g 126g
Dimensions 94 x 58 x 31 mm 95 x 56 x 26 mm 93 x 56 x 26 mm 95 x 56 x 20 mm

Additional images

Olympus µ-9010

Olympus µ-7040

Olympus µ-7030

Olympus µ-5010