Out of Africa: The black and white nature photography of Laurent Baheux
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Out of Africa: The black and white nature photography of Laurent Baheux

Elephants and bird, Kenya 2015 © Laurent Baheux

Wildlife and landscape photographer Laurent Baheux began in photography as a sports writer and photojournalist before a safari to Tanzania in 2002 changed his life. There he fell in love with photographing the exotic animals of Africa, and has since produced several books documenting the dangerous and yet delicately vulnerable ecosystems of the second largest continent.

A new volume released by teNeues and YellowKorner, The Family Album of Wild Africa, features 300 monochrome images taken by Baheux in areas like Namibia, Kenya, South Africa and Botswana. His work is differentiated by his fine art approach to wildlife photography, as if his images were portraits meant to capture the individuality of each animal.

Working so long in the field has given him ample opportunity, however, to portray the dynamism, ferociousness and playfulness of these creatures, as well. He prefers black and white to color and his sublime use of the medium helps to create a timeless juxtaposition between the feral savagery of these stark lands and the almost human ways in which these animals live, fight and die.

Find out more about him by clicking through the slideshow and accompanying Q+A. For more imagery, visit his website, www.laurentbaheux.com, and purchase his book, The Family Album of Wild Africa, here. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, 500px, Behance and Google+.