Sony's NEX and Alpha range of E and FE-mount cameras have a lot going for them, but some users have reported a 'wiggle' in the lensmount, especially when heavier lenses, or third-party optics via adapters are used. Fotodiox thinks it has the answer with its new 'Tough E-Mount' - literally a replacement lensmount for E and FE-mount cameras.

The Fotodiox Tough E-Mount is a one-piece metal replacement lensmount for Sony E and FE-Mount cameras. According to the manufacturer it provides a movement-free coupling between camera and lens - a problem reported by some Alpha users, especially when long, heavy or third-party lenses (via an adapter) are used with the cameras. 

With a single metal ring replacing the two (one metal, one plastic - shown above on the left) originally attached to the camera, the Tough E-Mount should (according to the manufacturer) eliminate any movement between camera and lens. The Fotodiox Tough E-Mount is available now for $39.95.