Nikon Japan (as expected) have just posted the Coolpix 950 v1.1 firmware update, uploadable from both PC and Mac via serial cable.

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NOTE: *DO NOT* install this firmware on your Coolpix 950 unless you are in Japan and own a Japan purchased Coolpix 950, please wait for the international websites (noteably Nikontech USA; due July 30th) to post the ENGLISH version of the firmware. I have deliberately not posted the download URL (although it'd be easy enough for you to find) as I DO NOT want to encourage international Coolpix 950 owners to install this firmware.

DPR disclaims any responsibility for damage caused / invalidation of warranty caused by ignoring this advice.

According to the notes accompanying the Japan Download page (bear in mind this is a translation, translations of technical documents are always the hardest).

Here are the major fixes / updates:

  • Reset file number in A-REC after power-up bug fixed
  • When half-pressing the shutter-release in flash mode the screen no longer darkens
  • Focusing in macro mode improved (faster: not doing the AF focus again)
  • Bug fixes related to camera hangs
  • Bug fixes related to storage of menu settings after power-off under various circumstances
  • Bug fixed in relation to creation of green dots in center of image in self-portrait mode (swivel turned back on itself)

There may well be other fixes / updates but either (a) I couldn't translate them (I'll update this page if I can), (b) They weren't on that page and (c) Nikon haven't yet produced a documented addendum covering the fixes.

The installer itself is a 927KB firmware file, an "uploader" executable and a readme.txt, the page notes that their WILL be a documentation addendum for this firmware update but it is not ready yet and thus not included in the install package.

I'm sure we're all keen to get this update onboard, but again, please wait for the US release.

(Again, DPR disclaim responsibility for any translation mistakes made herein)