Delaware-based company CAMS is raising money to create a range of mounting plates for DSLR users to carry their gear from a mount on the bottom, rather than the top of the camera. The low-profile CAMS Pro Camera Plate and Lens Plate attach to the tripod screws on the bottom of your camera (and lenses with a tripod collar) and provide a firm mounting point for the company's quick-release neoprene straps.

This image shows the construction of the CAMS Pro Camera Plate, which attaches to the tripod socket on the bottom of a DSLR, providing an attachment point for the neoprene strap, without any sharp edges which might make vertical-format shooting uncomfortable.

This allows your gear to be carried comfortably at hip level, ready to be brought quickly into the shooting position and the low-profile plate provides a comfortable hold when shooting in the vertical orientation.

Made from precision forged and anodized aluminum the plates are tough and hardwearing and fully compatible with Arca Swiss-style screw and level quick-release plates, removing the need for a separate tripod mounting plate. The neoprene strap is attached via a stainless steel quick-release fastener that CAMS claims can withstand more than 175 pounds of weight. 

The CAMS Pro strap attaches to a quick-release fastener on the Camera Plate, which screws directly into the tripod mounting screw on the bottom of your camera. Both the Camera Plate and Lens Plate are compatible with Arca-Swiss style tripod/monopod plates.

We've been playing with an engineering sample of the CAMS Pro Camera and Lens Plate for a while now and we're pretty impressed by both the quality of construction of the gear, and also the simplicity of the concept in use. The system is particularly useful for anyone swapping a DSLR on and off a tripod or monopod frequently, when shooting in the vertical format. The alternative approach of keeping a square, sharp Arca-Swiss-style plate permanently screwed to the bottom of the camera makes for a very uncomfortable grip. Having a mounting plate effectively built into the camera, without any sharp edges is highly convenient.

CAMS' Kickstarter appeal has 16 days left, and the company is less than $5000 away from its target of $25,000. If you're interested in the CAMS Pro system, or you want to donate to the company's Kickstarter click here.

Pricing is yet to be confirmed, likewise (obviously) availability but if you pledge $140 and the product makes it into production, you'll be one of the first to receive a Camera and Lens Plate and a strap.