Voigtlander has announced the VM-E Close Focus adapter, which will allow the use of M-mount lenses on Sony E-mount cameras such as the recently-announced full frame A7 and A7R. Unlike most similar adapters, though, Voigtlander's latest includes a focusing helicoid for close-up work, with 4mm travel. This overcomes a limitation of many rangefinder lenses, which tend to have longer minimum focus distances than similar SLR lenses. It's set to be available in December for €289.

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Sony's own lens options for its groundbreaking full frame mirrorless models are a little thin at launch, and Voigtlander is clearly hoping to persuade A7 and A7R owners to buy its own highly-regarded M-mount lenses and use them with this adapter. Other M mount lenses will work on it too, most obviously from Leica, but also from Zeiss, or old lenses from other manufacturers (such as Konica or Minolta). A list on Voigtlander's website shows how the adapter will improve the minimum focus distances for each of its current lenses. 

Voigtlander VM-E Close Focus adapter specifications

Adaptable Body mount Sony E mount
Adaptable Lens mount VM mount 
Diameter  62.7mm
Weight 125g
Helicoid extension 4mm
Other • With infinity lock button
• Can cover full frame 24x36mm

Currently-available compatible lenses

Click the links below to see lists of current and recent M-mount lenses from our lens database (opens in a new window):