These days shots from a flying drone are a dime a dozen - when engagement shoots are being covered from a hovering photographic robot you know that the technology is ubiquitous. It's getting increasingly hard to impress someone with images or video from drones. 

So it's lucky that privately-owned SpaceX happens to own its own rockets because it gives them the ability to capture stunning video, like this launch and landing test of the Falcon 9 Reusable (F9R) rocket. Captured with a hexacopter drone at the company's Texas launch pad, the F9R experimental rocket is filmed from above as it blasts off, hovers and then safely lands. 

SpaceX is developing a rocket that will be able to land after launch in order to slash the costs of traditional space missions. The company will soon move tests to a New Mexico site where it can operate the F9R with fewer restrictions than it does in the Texas launch site. 

While the F9R hovers at about 250m (820 ft), future tests will go much higher. Hopefully the drones will be able to keep up.