Pre-Photokina 2002: In preparation for Photokina 2002, the largest trade fair of its kind. We have posted the beginnings of our full Photokina 2002 show report. The report format repeats that used for the PMA 2002 show report (which was well received, thanks for all your emails). The report currently contains an index of of products announced before the show, this index will be regularly updated as new products are announced over the next few days. We are expecting several very exciting announcements which will appear both on the show report page and here on the front page of the site. The show starts on Wednesday, although we expect the majority of announcements to be made the day before.

Click here for our Photokina 2002 Show Report article
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We will of course be attending Photokina for the entire period of the show and bringing live 'from the show floor' reports to the home page as soon as they break. This coming week is going to be one of the most important of the year, don't miss it, visit regularly!