Leica has announced a firmware update for its SL (Typ 601) full-frame mirrorless camera. The company says that firmware v1.2 improves low ISO performance, the quality of the image on the electronic viewfinder, and makes entering Wi-Fi passwords easier.

It also corrects an issue with using the Leica Log Gamma curve (L-Log) with internal 8-bit recording, which was previously only capturing the bright tones from the scene. The update has lowered the offset to zero, which will allow the files to incorporate darker tones.

Finally, there's now an image magnification tool for use with Leica M and R lenses, which is activated by the AE Lock button. The update also ensures that the correct EXIF information is recorded when using R lenses via their adapter.

The update is now available for download and can be installed at a local Leica store. 

Press release:

Leica Camera Announces New Firmware Update for SL Users

Leica Firmware Update 1.2 Optimizes Picture Quality and Improves Handling 

December 14, 2015 – Leica Camera today announced a new firmware update 1.2 for the Leica SL, which includes several fundamental improvements in the camera’s picture quality and handling. To access the firmware update, registered camera users can log into the Leica owner’s area of the Leica website and download the firmware version at: https://owners.leica-camera.com. Leica users can also take their camera to a Leica store and take advantage of the free update installation service. 

The new firmware update 1.2 includes optimization of picture quality at ISO values from 50 to 400, improvements to the image in the electronic viewfinder and greater flexibility when entering WLAN passwords. 

When shooting with Leica M and R lenses, camera users will find that the new firmware update 1.2 activates a loupe (magnifying) function with the auto exposure lock button (AE Lock) to allow fast manual focusing. Additionally, the firmware update guarantees the correct indication of the R-Adapter-M and the R-Lens used in the EXIF data of image files.

Finally, the firmware update offers an improvement in the Leica Log Gamma curve (L-Log) for video, enabling its use for in-camera 8-bit recording. The reduction of the offset will now allow recordings to appear considerably darker. Subsequently, videos recorded with L-Log must be corrected with a gamma correction in an external video editing program. The use of L-Log enables greater leeway for post-production color grading of videos recorded on the Leica SL. 

Leica SL owners can also find a regularly updated and expanded overview of all SD cards compatible for use with their camera at sl.leica-camera.com.

For more information about the Leica SL Firmware Update 1.2 or Leica visit www.leica-camera.com, or follow the brand on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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