It's a question that's been on Michael Zhang's mind, over at PetaPixel, and ours too. If Photokina 2012 had a theme it was definitely connectivity, and recent months have seen several moves by manufacturers to introduce smartphone-type functionality into cameras. Both the Samsung Galaxy Camera and Nikon's Coolpix S800c combined a fully functioning Android-based operating system with photographic capabilities of serious compact cameras, while Wi-Fi connectivity is becoming almost standard.

There's a new generation of cameras coming out that offer similar levels of connectivity, and functionality, as modern smartphones. But what should we call them? Michal Zhang of PetaPixel thinks he has the answer. [image: PetaPixel]

In his article, Zhang points out that: 'Smartphones and large sensor digital cameras have definitely been choking the life out of 'dumbcameras' as of late, but point-and-shoots have the advantage of being able to do something that bulky DSLRs likely won’t ever do: become 'smart'.

So as camera manufacturers continue to respond to the rise of the smartphone camera with their own solutions, journalists in the industry are faced with an interesting conundrum: what do we call these things? Zhang argues for the term 'smartcamera' but what do you think? When is a device officially 'smart' and what should we call cameras in this new class?