Fujifilm has updated to the combination MP3 player digital camera 'i' line with the announcement of the new 30i. Gone is the SuperCCD used in the 40i and 50i, replaced by a 2 megapixel CCD sensor with non-interpolated resolution of 1600 x 1200. The lens is also slower at F4.8 vs. the previous F2.8. These changes add up to cost savings which should place the 30i in the sub $500 bracket (UK price has been set at £350). The 30i also adds handphone connectivity for the Japanese market.

Press release:

FinePix 30i: A Stylish, Compact Multimedia Marvel…

New super-compact digital camera combines photos, movie clips, audio recording, webcam functionality and MP3 player.

Fujifilm today announced the latest addition to its best-selling and multi-award-winning FinePix range. The FinePix 30i builds on the success of the FinePix 40i and 50i models boasting a new ultra-compact design and a range of multimedia functions which include MP3 music playback, movie, audio recording and webcam functionality as well as a sophisticated remote control system.

"This camera demonstrates our commitment to providing high quality photographic tools with advanced multimedia features to offer consumers maximum value and usefulness," commented Fujifilm's Digital Imaging Marketing Manager, Michelle da Gama. "The list of features available to buyers of mid-range cameras just keeps on growing."

The multi-function digital companion you can carry anywhere

In addition to superb 2.0 megapixel resolution photography, the FinePix 30i offers a wealth of extra functions. The stylish body is packed with useful, innovative and fun features such as movie recording (20 seconds per clip, with sound), audio recording - up to 4.5 hours using a 128MB SmartMedia card, voice captioning (a 30 second sound clip can be recorded with each still photo) and superb quality stereo MP3 playback.

The FinePix 30i comes complete with a stereo headphone set and remote control that make it even easier to enjoy MP3 music. During playback, users can view the music title and artist's name on the remote control's LCD. When using as a digital camera the stylish new remote control can also be used to take and play back images.

Additionally, the camera can be used as a PC Webcam when attached to a computer running Windows using the supplied USB cable and 'PictureHello' application.

Easy-to-use design

The FinePix 30i has been designed to make the multimedia experience easy. The camera automatically controls all parameters for shooting quality pictures; auto exposure automatically selects the optimum aperture and shutter speeds, while intelligent auto white balance ensures perfect colors each time. For extremely close-up shots, the Macro Mode lets users move in as close as 8cm. The high quality 1.8-inch TFT screen makes taking pictures and playback a breeze, whilst a conventional optical viewfinder is also supplied to allow users to conserve battery life when shooting. The stylish new design includes a smart circular sliding lens cover finished in an attractive iridescent blue and redesigned controls help to give the FinePix 30i real 'point and shoot' simplicity.

Low Power Consumption

The FinePix 30i utilizes two rechargeable Ni-MH AA batteries, which are included in the box, along with a charger. The latest power-saving technologies mean the FinePix 30i is capable of taking a maximum of 300 shots in standard usage* or approx. 5,400 shots in succession** when the provided batteries are fully charged.

* When the LCD monitor is set to "Off", taking shots in 1M mode at 30 sec. intervals, half of them with the flash set to "Off".
** When shooting successively for 3 hours in 640 x 480 mode with the LCD monitor and flash set to "Off"

Complete out of the box solution

The FinePix 30i ships complete with a 16MB SmartMedia card, 2 AA-size rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, Ni-MH battery charger, soft carry case, neck strap, USB cable, headphone with remote controller, CD-ROM with easy to load and use software bundle, including image transfer and browsing, video editing, playback, MP3 creation and webcam applications.

Key Features

  • 2.0 Megapixel CCD
  • Movie clip capture - with sound
  • MP3 player
  • Audio recording using built-in microphone
  • Voice caption function
  • New stereo headphone including remote control with LCD panel
  • Easy point-and-shoot use
  • Stylish and compact design with sliding lens cover
  • PC Webcam function

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