Winner: DJI Ronin-S
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Winner: DJI Ronin-S

It's easy to get stable video when using a tripod, or even when shooting a relatively simple shot using a camera's image stabilization, but sometimes the key to great video is camera movement. Unfortunately, that's where many in-camera or in-lens stabilization systems just aren't quite good enough for things like run-and-gun documentary or narrative filmmaking.

Enter the DJI Ronin-S. It's not the first one-handed camera gimbal, but it's our current favorite thanks to its effective operation and ease of use. Setup is a breeze, thanks to its auto-tune feature for gimbal calibration, and the 3-axis motorized gimbal has some of the strongest motors DJI has ever put in a gimbal, allowing the Ronin-S to compensate for slight changes in balance when using zoom lenses. It's also possible to save three distinct groups of settings and toggle between them at the press of a button – ideal for filmmakers who need to quickly react to changing conditions.

Other great features include an offset roll axis that's cleverly designed to avoid blocking the screen while shooting, configuration using a smartphone app, and a 12-hour battery that will outlast your arm. It even supports remote camera operation including remote start/stop and a very precise remote follow focus knob.

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