Best zoom lens
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Best zoom lens


  • Canon RF 28-70mm F2
  • Canon RF 24-105mm F4
  • Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 Di III RXD
  • Tamron 70-210mm F4 Di VC USD

Runner-up: Canon RF 28-70mm F2

A lot of lenses get released every year, and it's always a challenge to whittle the year's releases down to a shortlist – let alone to pick a winner. That said, this year several lenses stood out from the pack.

Canon's impressive RF 28-70mm F2L is perhaps the clearest indication that despite the mid-level positioning of the EOS R, the RF system should be taken seriously by professionals. This durable, weather-sealed lens features super-advanced glass and coatings designed to keep aberrations to a minimum despite its ambitious continuous maximum aperture. The result is a fast zoom that offers stunning image quality throughout its range.

Arguably falling into the category of 'stunt lens', the 28-70mm F2 is almost comically large and unbalanced on the R, but it's clearly designed for a future - more professional - camera. We can't wait.

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Canon RF 28-70mm F2