Moment, a Seattle-based company that is known for its high-quality smartphone accessory lenses has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its latest product idea, the Moment case. The Moment case is a case for the Apple iPhone 6 that offers a two-stage shutter button, of the sort used in most conventional cameras.

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Using the shutter button you can half-press to lock focus and exposure and press and hold for burst mode. Currently only very few smartphones with a dedicated shutter button, such as some Microsoft Lumia Models or the Sony Xperia Z series offers this feature.

The connection to the phone is electronic without any mechanical components. The grip links to the iPhone via a low-energy bluetooth connection which means that a standard CR-2032 watch-battery provides approximately 6 months of battery life.

In addition the Moment camera app provides customizable on-screen controls that complement the shutter button. For example, You can use the shutter button to focus, and touch and slide your fingers to fine tune exposure. 

Additionally the Moment case allows you to attach a camera strap and mount the existing tele and wide Moment lens converters. This means you no longer need the metal plate that was required before to connect the latter to the phone. This first version of the Moment case is compatible with the iPhone 6 only but if the project is successful Moment says the iPhone 6 Plus is next in line and other devices will follow.

The Kickstarter project has only been live a few days but has already reached its funding goal of $100,000. There are 29 more days to go and you can pre-order a Moment case from $49. More backing options and information are available on the Moment case Kickstarter page.

Source: Kickstarter